Géraldine is happy to welcome you to the hamlet of Bruyères.

This true alpine village contains the chalet Le Setor, a term for the milk keeper in local dialect. Back in time to before the ski resort and discover traditional and applied cuisine in a typical setting.

Precautionary Measures Covid 19:

The restaurant is open respecting the regulations related to covid 19 :

  • The restaurant is open to anyone with a valid health pass, and available for take out orders for those who do not have a valid health pass.
  • Wearing a mask is compulsory.
  • Respect for barrier gestures essential.
  • Order by phone @ 04 79 00 74 28 or @ 07 70 26 16 63 for take out orders.
  • Home delivery is possible.
  • Mask wearing, lab coat and gloves for preparing meals.

Discover the cuisine of the Setor :

The Menu

Setor's Salad
17 €
Salad, Endives, Diced Tomatoes, Wallnuts, Dried Ham, Reblochon's Flowing Crunchies
Fisherman's Salad
17 €
Salad, Grapefruit, Avocado, Hard Egg, Smoked Trout, Dill
Summer's Salad
17 €
Salad, Cucumber, Peppers, Feta's Chesse, Olives
Charcuterie Slate
17 €
Dried Ham, Cooked Ham, Dry Sausage, Dried Meat from The Alps
Setor's Terrine, 200g Jar to Share
15.50 €
Plain, Hazelnuts or Cranberries
Origin European Union
Homemade Lasagna with Green Salad
Andouillette Mustard Sauce
19 €
Our Pot au Feu
21 €
Beef Meat, Marrowbones and their Vegetables
Setor's Hamburger
Buns, Minced Steak Butcher Style, Raclette Cheese, Dried Ham, Tomatoes, Oignons
21 €
25 €
Knife Cut Beef Tartare
21 €
Coast Beef Butter Butler
29 €
About 400g/person
Marinated Pork Ribs
21 €
Confit of Duck Leg with Honey Sauce
22 €
Lamb Chop
27 €
Choice of garnish: Crozets (local pasta), French Fries, Vegetable of the day, Steamed potatoes or Green salad
The empty plate…. and yes Végé T’as Rien ! (T'as rien : Means You got Nothing in French, as the End of the Word Vegetarian)
Snails Puff Pastry with Ceps's Mushrooms
16 €
Puff Pastry, Snails, Ceps, Cream and green salad
Cep's Mushrooms Crust
17 €
Bread, Ceps, Cream, Beaten eggs and green salad
Ravioli Gratinated with Reblochon and Green Salad
17 €
Lake's Hamburger, French Fries, Green Salad.
23 €
Buns, Brown Trout Fillet, Smoked Trout, Tomatoes, Onions, Tartare Sauce
Sea's Lasagna and Green Salad
17.00 €
Seafood and Leek Fondue
Vegetarian's Burger
19 €
Buns, Vegetables steak's, Onions, Tomatoes, Raclette Cheese's.
Our Dishe Of The Day
15 €
Hiker's Formula
20 €
Dishe Of The Day, Sweet Of The Day, Coffe.
Kid's Formula
11.00 €
Meal of your choice : Small Tartiflette Or Ham and Fries or Pasta Or Minced Steak, Fries or Pasta Dessert: Ice Cream or Home-made Chocolate Mousse
Tartiflette And Green Salad
19 €
Royal Tartiflette: Cold Meats and Green Salad
23 €
23 €
Half Reblochon's Cheese served with Steamed Potatoes, Cold Meats and Green Salad
The following Dishes are served only inside:
Savoyard's Cheese Fondue
20 €/pers.
minimum 2 People
Savoyard's Cheese Fondue With Ceps
23 €/pers.
minimum 2 People
Matouille (20 minute wait)
Whole Tomme des Bauges prepared in the old fashioned way served with its Platter of cold cuts, Steamed Potatoes and Green Salad)
For 2 People
51 €
For 3 People
63 €
For 4 People
74 €
Table Grill 2 People Minimum
25.50 €/pers.
Beef, Turkey and Duck, French Fries and Green Salad
Raw Milk Raclette 2 People Minimum
26 €/pers.
Served with Green Salad, Steamed Potatoes and Cold Meats
Plate of Dry Cheeses from Savoie
8.00 €
Sweet Of The Day
7.00 €
Creme Brulee with the Scent of the Moment
7.00 €
Our Farçon
8.00 €
Traditional dessert from our villages made with Apples, Gingerbread, Dried Figs and Raisins
Melting Heart with Two Chocolates and its Vanilla Ball
8.00 €
Gourmet Coffee
9 €
Chocolate or Café Liégeois
8.00 €
3 Chocolate's Scoops, melted chocolate and whipped cream
Alpine's Cup
8.00 €
Scoops of Blueberry, Blackcurrant, Raspberry, and Red Berry Coulis and Whipped Cream
Setor's Cup
9.00 €
2 Génépi's Scoops and Génépi Liqueur
Williamine's Cup
9.00 €
2 Pear's Scoops And Pear Liquor
Cup 1 Scoop / 2 Scoops / 3 Scoops
Ice cream flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Raisin Rum, Coffee, Caramel, Pistachio Sorbet flavors: Blueberry, Blackcurrant, Raspberry, Pear, Strawberry, Lime, Génépi
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Our Wines:

Wine by the Glass 12cL
White Wine
3.50 €
4.50 €
Chignin Bergeron
5.50 €
Red Wine
4.00 €
Côtes du Rhône
4.50 €
Côtes de Bourg
5.00 €
Rosé Wine
Rosé From Savoie Gamay
3.50 €
Rosé From Savoie Mondeuse
3.50 €
When we do not refuse anything, we Setorize everything !!
37.5cL / 75cL
Apremont, Domaine Tardy, Harvesting Owner.
12.00 € / 20.00 €
Mineral, sweet, fruity, the real Apremont.
Roussette from Monthoux, Millon Rousseau Domain, Harvesting Owner.
15.00 € / 23.50 €
Aromas of wallnuts, almonds, honey and lime tree.
Chardonnay From Monthoux, Millon Rousseau Domain, Harvesting Owner.
25.00 €
Fine, Powerful with scents of Hawthorn and violet.
Pinot Gris - Specialty of the Bugiste cellar
26.00 €
Supple, round, exotic fruits with a very light oak taste.
Chignin Bergeron, Tardy Domain, Harvesting Owner
30.00 €
Light notes of almonds, full mouth.
Chateau de la Mar, Harvesting Owner, Vintage Verney 2017.
38.00 €
Marestel 30% in oak barrels, honey flavor, slightly vanilla.
When we do not refuse anything, we Setorize everything !!
37.5 cL / 75cL
Gamay, Tardy Domain, Harvesting Owner
20.00 €
Light wine with aromas of red fruits.
Mondeuse, Tardy Domain, Harvesting Owner
24.00 €
Characteristic, tannic, based on red fruit.
Pinot From Monthoux, Millon Rousseau Domain, Harvesting Owner
25.00 €
Structured, raspberry and leather scents.
Pinot 2017, Château de la Mar, Harvesting Owner at Jongieux
34.00 €
A must ! Red fruits and sour cherry with good length.
Mondeuse 2017, Château de la Mar, Harvesting Owner at Jongieux
34.00 €
In the top ! Peppery and spicy flavors.
Saint Chignian AOP, Château Ladournie
32.00 €
Full-bodied, fatty wine, beautiful spicy and toasted aromas.
Pic Saint Loup AOP, Bergerie du Capucin.
35.00 €
Very powerful and rich wine. Melted aromas of violets, spices and ripe black fruits.
Bordeaux AOC, Château Barail
14.00 € / 22.50 €
Roasting aromas, supple tannins, scent of red fruits and liquorice.
Côtes de Bourg AOP, Château Moulin des Graves.
28.50 €
Nice balance, finesse and elegance, supple aromas.
Saint Emilion AOP "Montagne Saint Emilion", Château la papeterie.
35.00 €
Fleshy, racy palate with good length, concentrated and warm.
Haut Médoc "Héritage de Chasse Spleen".
45.00 €
Elegant and powerful wine, structured, robust and round.
Margaux AOP, Château Arsac.
52.00 €
Nice balance, good length, aromas of ripe fruit such as cherry and blackcurrant, well-integrated tannins.
Côtes du Rhône AOP, La Garrigue.
23.50 €
Supple and round wine, aromas of red fruits, spicy aromas, good length.
Côtes du Rhône AOP, Domaine Servans, Organic Wine
18.00 € 50cL / 26.00 €
Fine and supple tannins.
Crozes Hermitage AOP, Domaine des Sept Chemins.
40.00 €
Silky wine with aromas of liquorice and violet.
Vacqueyras, Domaine Camil Cayran, Organic Wine
45.00 €
Smooth, homogeneous and gourmet wine with toasted notes.
Côtes Rôties, Cellar of the visitation.
105.00 €
Expressive and structured Syrah, fruity and spicy notes.
Gevrey Chambertin, Maison Clavier.
105.00 €
Intense aromatic expression with notes of red and black fruits: black cherry, blackcurrant and liquorice. Silky tannins.
When we do not refuse anything, we Setorize everything !!
50cL / 75 cL
Gamay Rosé From Monthoux, Millon Rousseau Domain, Harvesting Owner
20.50 €
Supple and round, notes of red berries.
Mondeuse Rosé From Monthoux, Millon Rousseau Domain, Harvesting Owner
20.50 €
Rare and uncommon, scents of violet, rosemary, raspberry and blueberry.
"Cuvée Simone", Terre de Mistral Domain
17.50 € / 24.00 €
Pretty aromatic complexity, small white fruits, great length in the mouth.
Half-dry rose pearl, Quinard cellar, Ancestral Method
30.00 €
49.00 €
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Our Drinks :

Coca, Coca Zéro, Ice Tea, Orangina, Perrier 33cL
3.50 €
Schweppes, Schweppes Citrus, Sprite, Oasis 33cL
3.70 €
Fruit juice 20cL
3.60 €
Orange, Grapefruit, Apple, Pineapple, Apricot, Strawberry or Tomato.
Sirop 33cL
2.50 €
Lemonade 33cL
2.80 €
Diabolo 33cL
3.00 €
Tourtel (Free alcool beer)
4.00 €
Le Sétor Apérol
6.00 €
Ricard 2cL
3.00 €
Kir, Red or White Martini, Porto, Suze 5cL
3.60 €
Clan Campbell, Gin, Vodka 4cL
5.50 €
Jack Daniels 4cL
6.50 €
Rhum 3 Rivières 4cL
5.80 €
Draft beer
25 cL / 50cL
3.50 € / 6.50 €
Leffe Blond
4.50 € / 8.50 €
Tripel Karmeliet
5.00 € / 9.00 €
Brasserie du Mont Blanc
6.00 €
White, Génépi ou Rousse.
Erdinger 50cL
7.20 €
Liefmans 33cL
6.50 €
La Chouffe 33cL
7.50 €
Magners Cider
6.00 €
Expresso, Americano
2.00 €
Double Expresso
3.00 €
Large Coffe with Cream
4.10 €
4.20 €
Hot Chocolate
3.00 €
Hot Chocolate Viennois
3.50 €
3.00 €
Verbena, Linden, Chamomile or Infusion du Berger.
4.00 €
Ceylan, Earl Grey, Red Fruits, Green or Mint.
Mulled Wine
4.00 €
Xanté With Apple Juice
5.00 €
Chocolate with Alcool
6.00 €
Irish Coffee
7.50 €
Savoyard Coffee
7.50 €
4.00 €
Classic 4 cL
6.00 €
Armagnac, Calvados, Cognac, Génépi, Get 27 or 31, Pear or Mirabelle Brandy, Marc de Savoie or Limoncello.
Prestige 4cL
8.50 €
Chartreuse VEP, Cognac XO or Fine du Bugey (Marc Aged 20 years in oak barrels).
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Evening Events

themed, up to 50 pax, group, seminars, special requests, transport possible

Le Setor

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Opening Time

Winter / Summer season:

7 days a week, noon and evenings

Inter Seasons:

From Wednesday Noon to Sunday Evening Included, Continuous service in the afternoon.

Adress :


Le Setor, Hameau les bruyères, 73440 Saint-Martin-de-Belleville

At Your Service

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The entire Setor team is at your disposal,

you can contact us by email at contact@lesetor.com

Or by phone at +33 (0)4 79 00 74 28